Player Roles & Responsibilities

Waves Red

#1 GoalKeeper

  • Stay connected with defenders, challenge through balls in and out of the box
  • Initiate new attacks
  • Be a leader
  • Shot stopping
  • Effective communication and organization
  • Strength and speed.
  • Organizing defenders in and out of possession
  • Act as a deep lying defender in possession, move in space, and receive back passes.
  • Provide accurate distribution
  • Organize set plays from the moment they are awarded
  • Stay big as long as possible
  • Narrow opponents angle from good starting positions and through movement towards the ball
Waves Red

#4, 5 Center backs

  • Control and defend space between second central defender and also goalkeeper to deny penetration
  • Maintain defensive structure with all defenders
  • Provide passing outlet for goalkeeper
  • Retain possession by ‘swinging’ ball around the back
  • Organize and direct midfielders when defending (deny passes into forwards feet)
  • Support and provide cover to fellow defenders
  • Carry ball forward when possible
  • Ensure team has balance and structure when moving forward
  • Mark, track and control forwards runs into dangerous positions
  • Communicate effectively when ‘passing on’ forwards
Waves Red

#2, 3 outside backs

  • Deny space, (control the distance between center backs and goalkeeper to deny penetration)
  • Work with center backs to ensure you have cover in wide areas
  • Prevent crosses
  • Good range of passing with both feet
  • Combination play (especially overlaps and wall passes)
  • Organize and direct outside forward with her defensive duties
  • Move to a more central position when ball is on opposite side
  • Provide wide passing outlet
  • Progress the ball in wide areas in all phases of the field
  • Create services into box, alone or in combination with others
  • Deliver quality crosses or cut inside a shoot on go
Waves Red

#6, 8, 10 midfielders

  • Distribute to forwards either into feet or in behind defensive line
  • Shoot from distance
  • 360 awareness
  • Good supporting angles
  • Receiving skills, tight and clever touches at all angles
  • Look for combination play with forwards (1-2's, up-back-through, and overlapping runs)
  • Look to break lines and run in behind defenders
  • Intelligence with and without the ball (understand and read forwards runs)
  • Effective tackling
  • When passes are made beyond our midfield, recover, track runners and  assist or replace defenders who may get pulled out of position
  • Deny penetrating passes into forwards feet
  • Mark, press, intercept and tackle when needed
Waves Red

#7, 11 Wingers

  • Provide wide outlets in the middle and attacking thirds
  • Create opportunities to cross by self or in combination with teammates.  Deliver with quality
  • Look for 1v1‘s, Attack end line, attack front post
  • Move into goal scoring positions without the ball
  • React and recover, act as first line of defense in wide areas
  • Provide defensive support for #2 and #3 (track opponents runs)
  • If you are ball side, deny the straight pass down the line, force inside to our midfield trio
  • Receiving, positive first touch
  • Dribbling at speed (attacking defenders front foot)
  • Crossing and shooting with both feet
  • Understand the need/have ability to create and exploit space
  • Goal scoring mentality
Waves Red

#9 Forward

  • Score goals!
  • Stretch the field in possession
  • Look to receive passes & have ability to “hold” up ball and bring supporting players into game
  • Assesses and moves into goal scoring positions
  • Embrace 1v1 opportunities with defenders
  • Apply early pressure to defenders
  • Delay and contain attacks from opposing defenders
  • Have pace and agility
  • Ability to turn in tight spaces with various techniques
  • Can quickly decide to and employ appropriate finishing technique
  • Strong technique striking, volleying, and heading balls towards goal