Deana McCarthy

Strength & Conditioning Coach


Coaching Experience

My background is in team sports, functional fitness, and nutrition. In my youth I was a competitive downhill skier. Missing that competitive nature of sports, I then found a love in CrossFit.  I have  competed in multiple CrossFit events and obtained her CrossFit Level 1 Certification.

Playing Experience


I have a passion for coaching. I’m dedicated to helping my clients achieve their goals, whether it be accomplishing physical changes or achieving personal bests in the weight room. Earlier in 2020, I had the vision to create a space where I could help clients achieve these goals. This led me to establish the South Loop WOD Squad, a community-oriented, HIIT-style workout class. Through this class, I have  been able to help guide my clients to improvements in body composition, speed and agility, strength, and general health and wellness.